Project Description

Adjacent to the Auberge de Castille, Strickland House is in very close proximity to the parliament building, government ministries and administrative offices. The building measures approximately 6,800 square metres and the roof level has an additional built area of approximately 265 square metres. Although there is a long standing historical link between Strickland House and Valletta, the existing structure was only built after 1979 after the building was set alight in protests on the 15th of October 1979.

The proposed building was to include space for a car park, kitchen and winebar at basement floor level, a reception and ground floor and suites located from ground to the third floor. The receded fourth floor level was to include a mixture of high luxury suites and a restaurant, with services being allocated to the rooftop level. Furthermore the building was to respect the skyline of the surrounding historic fabric incorporating traditional limestone and mimicking the traditional ‘gallarija’ through the staggering of rectangular terraces on the facade. Meanwhile contemporary materials such as steel and glass where introduced in order to create a lightweight, neutral intervention that blends in with the surrounding design.