Project Description

Project Aims & Objectives

 The site falls within a band of buildings designated as residential buffer zones NHPV12 B. The site abuts the back of buildings located in the area marked as a secondary town centre, and the main role for the site as designated by the policy is to provide a transition between commercial and residential land uses. Since the main objective of the project is to provide such buffer, the project is considered to follow the aim of the policy.

In order to appreciate the building of the Santa Rita Chapel, an open space in front of the historic structure was designed. This open space also serves to improve the pedestrian experience at ground floor and street width to building height ratio. Due to the provision of such an open space, which will be available to the public from street level, the available area for built footprint was reduced. For this reason, the design team felt the necessity to provide a structure which is higher than it would have been if the space designated for the piazza would have been built.

The Design Proposal

The building aims to provide four star accommodation. One hundred and thirty eight suites roughly twenty eight square metres in size finished to the highest specifications will cater for visitors who would like to reside next to a place which is highly known for its nightlife and entertainment. The main floors are composed of suites which recede from the facade at the higher floors to provide a fluid shape which allows the sun to penetrate to the ground floor.

The ground floor is very public in nature as it is composed of a piazza which can adapt to various functions with the use of movable furniture. The building at this level is composed of the reception space for the suites, and a restaurant which overlooks the piazza with the possibility for outdoor seating. Also included are a few small shops to provide active frontage along the piazza. A full floor below the roof is occupied by services. By incorporating a floor for services, (services which would still be seen from the ground level if the conventional one metre parapet wall or screen is adopted) the roof will be freed up for a better purpose. A rooftop pool will be complemented with sundeck space and a bar to serve drinks which can be enjoyed with views of St George’s Bay.

The steep sloping street gives the possibility for access the piazza at ground level from the street at one end of the project, and access to underground garage levels at the lower end. The floor below the piazza is composed of an open plan office space, which receives ample natural light from voids at ground floor level acting as large courtyards. The underground levels provide the rest of the required infrastructure for the building, including loading bays contained within the building, another pool and spa which is not exclusive to the people residing in the building, and much required off street car parking. It is envisaged that a tunnel connects the car park with the Bay Street shopping complex at underground level to provide easy access between the shops and parking.