Project Description

The primary objective is to provide a high quality active frontage along the back of the beach, with the inclusion of removable tables, chairs and shading devices. These will adopt design cues from the existing timber kiosk, and hence the colour scheme of the new additions will amalgamate with the existing scenario. The colour scheme of dark grey, celeste sky blue, and sand grey shall not stand out but alternatively merge with the colour of the sand, the sea and the timber kiosk. The additions shall be:

  • Polypropylene Tables – Sand Grey
  • Polypropylene Chairs – Dark Grey and Celeste Sky Blue
  • Awnings (Option1) or Umbrellas(Option2) – Sand Grey Fabric
  • Timber Decking

The extension of the timber platform will define the extents of the kiosk area, and will read as a podium to the kiosk. This small addition will allow the installation of larger, more comfortable tables and chairs, in order to eliminate visual clutter, and provide adequate space for people queuing around the kiosk.

The selected urban furniture will be of high quality and not of cheap plastics. This establishes a stylish beach atmosphere which will improve the image of the beach. Thick, good quality polypropylene stackable tables and chairs are the preferable option as they are easy to clean, move, and store. This material is also very durable and can withstand the outdoor beach conditions.

As can be seen from the images, the addition of outdoor furniture will not create visual clutter, but instead it will generate a positive image to the kiosk area, which will also influence the beach.

Finally, by establishing a coherent design, using the same urban furniture for all the Għadira bay kiosks, the project will further improve the perception of the whole beach, as it will provide uniformity to the design of the outdoor structures, which are also located at most entry points of the public beach.