Project Description

Project Objectives

The site proposed is bound on all sides by villa developments. The aims of this project follow the objectives set in the North Harbours Local plan for the “Central Madliena Opportunity Site” NHSW08 (North Harbours Local Plan p.160). The main objective is to supply high quality, luxury living developments which promote sustainability at all levels.

Low Density Residential Community

The density of the project is very low at the edge of the site, and increases gradually to the centre of the site, in order to promote sustainable living and maximise the efficiency of land use while keeping to the existing character of the neighbouring areas. The project aims to provide high quality detached buildings starting from detached dwellings at the edge up to a maximum of four dwellings per building at the centre of the site in order to keep a similar density to the existing scenario. A small cluster of centrally located shops is envisaged, and this will improve the amenity not just for new dwellings but also for the existing neighbourhood. While retaining the residential character of the area, access to basic every day shops for residents is envisaged to improve the quality of life of the residents.

Improving Permeability

Another objective is to improve both physical and visual permeability through the site. People will be able to pass through the site using the existing, upgraded axial linear route, which will strengthen pedestrian connectivity through a high quality designed public open space network.

Enhancing the legacy of the site

The upgrading of the linear axial route will enhance the legibility of the site, with the proposed public open spaces containing key landmarks such as the central fountain, the plaza, and the cart ruts area.

Additionally, the Class B archaeological site will be conserved, and during the process of construction the proper investigations and recordings shall be carried out by an archaeologist. The legacy of the site is also strengthened by the use of stone walls from the pre-existing quarry – stone walls which currently act as boundaries between fields. The layout takes into consideration the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage’s observations and comments that as many as possible of the ashlar masonry walls be retained.

These walls which will be used to delineate plot boundaries also contribute to the existing rural character of the area which is furthermore enhanced by soft landscaping.