Project Description

The main aim of the design is intended to cater for a high-level luxury office facility. Its architectural appeal will manifest a corporate image to preserve the company’s branding whilst serving as an extension to the company head office on the opposite side of the road.

The exterior architecture is a well thought sleek design which involves some of the latest technologies in facade design building including an energy saving facade system. Furthermore, the exterior is a complimentary feature to the existing aqueducts and adjacent town houses. Whilst the design is contemporary and a face lift to the existing dilapidated corner site of the previous laundry, the design also serves as a blank canvas to the existing older architectural surroundings. Such a contemporary design, does not lessen any appreciation of older surrounding buildings/edifices as the contrast developed by the two styles enhances the difference. In turn, the observer appreciates both styles in their own right.

Architectural branding flows throughout interior spaces as well through the choice of finishes and furnishings. Internal spatial planning was developed from a flexible perspective. Large open office spaces are situated at each floor providing the end user flexibility to layout the spaces as needed best. There are 4 floors dedicated for offices with one floor catering for multiple number of meeting rooms with a main boardroom and roof terrace at penthouse level. Three basement levels were excavated & constructed, one of which is used for archives and the remaining two for parking. Two tunnels were proposed to be constructed to link the main head office with the new construction at the lowermost levels.

The building excels in its thermal performance where the best solution is a mixed mode environmental service system to achieve adequate comfort levels. In view of this, such an environmental performance ensures a comfortable working environment, hence better working performance.